Feel the fear and do it anyway!

I started blogging in June 2013, just over a year after the birth of our daughter Minana. The first post was titled Feel the fear and do it anyway. Today in May 2020, almost seven years later, I am writing the update to my first post, which I have put in italics below. It was a short post with no pictures or anything else, but I have grown a lot since then.

Susan Jeffers wrote a book titled “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. This I must say is the inspiration behind this blog. This is something I have always wanted to do but was too afraid to start. It has taken me two years from the time I had planned to start. I am still nervous but I have started.
Enough of that now.
I am a professional married woman with children. I am on a journey that I would like to take accompanied by fellow women in similar circumstances similar to mine. We would like to go as far as possible career wise. Follow me on these pages on my journey to the top!!

Since I wrote that post seven years ago, I have been afraid many times. Sometimes the fear has paralysed me and I have missed great opportunities. Other times, despite the fear, I still took action. Today I will share about those times to encourage you to take action to bring forth your goals and desires.

1. I remember the time I applied for a promotion which required a relocation I wasn’t ready to make at that time. I have written about this here. I was afraid of being disappointed but despite my fear I applied and to my surprise I got the promotion without having to relocate.

2. I remember the first time we moved as a family (hubby, myself plus our three children) from our country of birth Zimbabwe and relocated to Nairobi Kenya. I was afraid of leaving the familiar. I was afraid of leaving my extended family and not having their support close by. I was afraid security wise because the country we were relocating to has previous security incidents with terrorists ( Westgate bombings, Garrissa University attacks). Despite the fear, we moved. I look back and can honestly say this was the best decision for our family at that time.

3. I remember the time I left my employer of fifteen years to continue my corporate career elsewhere. I had already built a network of colleagues, friendships and mentors within that organisation. I was afraid to start again. I was afraid of proving myself again. I was afraid of experiencing a culture shock in the new organisation. Despite my fear, i accepted the new job offer and with it, another relocation, this time from Nairobi Kenya to Johannesburg South Africa.

4. I remember even with the relocation to South Africa, I was afraid. I was afraid of uprooting my children for the second time. They had made good friends in Kenya and so had we. I was afraid of starting with a new company in a new country. Despite my fears, we relocated to Johannesburg South Africa. We are now closer home to Harare and can easily visit family and both us and the children have made new friends.

5. I remember even after blogging for five years, I hardly shared any of my posts on social media. I told myself I was doing it as a hobby and simply as a creative outlet. Yes it’s true I was doing it as a hobby but the truth is I was afraid of sharing my post on social media. I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of putting my views out there. I was afraid of being rejected and I was afraid of posting and getting no comments or likes on my posts. This particular fear was very real because as a marketing professional, I knew that I needed social media pages linked to my blog. Inspite of the fear I eventually did it. My following has grown significantly so my fears were probably exaggerated. Some comments that followers made were mean. But I am still going on.

6. More recently, I wanted to start a podcast. I wanted to add audio to my blog. But I was afraid. Afraid that nobody would listen to it. Afraid that I might not have the right English accent. Afraid that I wasn’t technically savvy enough to record and edit on my own. Afraid of my baritone voice which I was bullied about as a child growing up. Despite the fear I recorded my first podcast. Even though i kept it for over three weeks, i eventually gathered courage and clicked publish 💃💃👏👏👏.

There are some fears I haven’t overcome as yet but I am working on it. For example I want to do Facebook Live interviews with other working moms so we can build a community that supports each other. But guess what, I am really afraid. I watched one Facebook Live interview for one ‘celebrity ‘ and I could see there were only twelve of us watching 😥😥😥. Now I am afraid I will do this and nobody turns up to watch. I know I will get over this fear too. Just like I overcame the six I mentioned above.

What I have learnt in taking action despite my fears is this:

1. It is not always as bad as it looks.

2. Sometimes the things we worry about are only in our heads.

3. A little fear is probably okay as it keeps you on your toes and makes you work harder to prove to yourself that you can do it, and this in itself sets you up for success.

4. Overcoming your fears and taking action is what will set you apart.

5. Well,maybe let me rephrase number 4, even if you don’t overcome your fears, taking action even whilst afraid builds confidence. I created my blog social media pages and overnight I had two hundred followers. That definitely boosted my confidence.

6. Don’t give up too soon. You might take action inspite of your fear and face resistance, but don’t give up too soon. As much as I was excited about getting two hundred followers overnight, there were also a few mean comments to the posts. I didn’t delete my page because of this I kept at it.

7. Even when your worst fears turn out to be true, retreat, surrender or turning back might not be an option. So again don’t give up too soon.

So what are you afraid of? Feel the fear and do it anyway. I am excited about my new podcast which you can listen to on Spotify and Pocketcast. You might already know the face behind the blog but it’s even better to get to know the voice behind the blog and the face. So head over there and subscribe on the links below.




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I started blogging when i became a mother. I was struggling to manage the demands of being a working mom and being present for my baby's key development milestones. Initially this was a rant about my experiences in the office and at home. Over the years it has evolved into an online support community for mothers who are growing their families as they grow their careers. I am a wife and mum to 3 amazing children. During the day I am have a job i love as marketer for a multinational FMCG company. When i get home, I have another equally rewarding job called being a mother. When everyone is tucked in bed, I find time to blog about my journey as a mum in stilettos and build this community for us working moms so we can thrive at home and at work.

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