Dealing with Your Doubts

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Doubt, contrary to popular opinion is useful. Leaders with doubts are wiser than those with none. Doubt asks, “What could go wrong?” Self-doubt says, “I could be wrong.”

Only fools have no doubts.

Don’t feel bad if you have doubts. Confidence without doubt destroys leaders and organizations.

Confidence without doubt:

  1. Closes ears.
  2. Minimizes obstacles
  3. Ignores problems.
  4. Sets unrealistic goals.
  5. Knows without investigation.
  6. Refuses to reconsider.
  7. Sacrifices people for achievement.
  8. Takes offense at being challenged.
  9. Rejects options.
  10. Doesn’t have a track record.

Bonus: Confidence without doubt, like a two year old, wants its own way.

Confidence without doubt is:

  1. Blindness.
  2. Arrogance.
  3. The result of dreaming without work.

Over-confidence believes declaring goals is the same as achieving goals.


  1. Listens. Leaders, who aren’t sure, search for certainty by inviting input.
  2. Prepares. Doubt, combined with drive to achieve, opens minds and motivates work. Doubters know noble goals aren’t magically attained. Fear…

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