Who makes a better sales person?

Every now and again one needs to look at their life vision and ensure they are still on track to achieving it. Today we are revisiting the vision of this blog. Journeying to the top as women.

Today I had a really interesting discussion with a colleague at work. Before I go into what we spoke about, I need to share this. I happen to be surrounded by work colleagues who have more than 25 years working experience and for the majority of them, they have been with the same company for all these years.  For most it’s difficult to imagine how a person could stay so long with an employer. In 2009 our company,  (the one I work for)  celebrated 50 years of operations in our country. As part of our jubilee celebrations, I had the opportunity to interview over fifty staff members. Some of them had been with the company from inception. Naturally for anyone who had served for more than 10 years, I was curious  to find out why they had stayed with the same company for so long. I got the same response from all the interviewees. Even though they said it in different words, what was evident was that they were enjoying what they were doing so much that they did not realise how the years were passing.  This brings to mind the popular saying “time flies when you are having fun ” . Now these colleagues of mine are a gold mine, or should I say diamond mine of career advice. Even with no degrees and MBAs, they have “seen it all”. Each time I try and make time to learn from them and get their advice on various aspects of my career. If you have such people at your workplace or any other circles, please make use of them. You could learn a lot of things from them.

So today I had some quality  time with one of these veterans. In the course of our discussion the veteran mentioned that he did not believe women make better sales people than men. His reason being that women are used to being chased after by men and it therefore doesn’t come naturally for them to chase after an order. He does not believe women could sweet talk an Eskimo into buying ice, something he believes men are capable of.  He went on to say if it was up to him, he would not appoint women into the actual trenches of face to face selling but would rather have them do something else.

You see my veteran colleague has been in sales for almost 30 years both in the “trenches” and as a manager. He even had his own examples with names of people I also know to lend credence to his assertions.

Being a woman myself and being mother of an intelligent young girl, I was really concerned. I definitely know women are as good as men not only in sales but in any other career they chose to pursue. When men in influential positions have certain stereo types about what women can and cannot do, then we have serious challenges as society. God forbid that  mediocre men climb the corporate ladder at the expense of intelligent women.

Today my encouragement is that you invest in yourself. Distinguish yourself from the rest. Go the extra mile. My pastor says the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is the extra. You owe it to yourself.

I would love to hear your views on this. Till next time.

Journey mercies

Published by Mum in Stilettos

I started blogging when i became a mother. I was struggling to manage the demands of being a working mom and being present for my baby's key development milestones. Initially this was a rant about my experiences in the office and at home. Over the years it has evolved into an online support community for mothers who are growing their families as they grow their careers. I am a wife and mum to 3 amazing children. The girl who introduced me the "mother" title is 8 years ol and our twins are five years, 6 months. During the day I am have a job i love as marketer for a multinational FMCG company. When i get home, I have another equally rewarding job called being a mother. When everyone is tucked in bed, I find time to blog about my journey as a mum in stilettos and build this community for us working moms so we can thrive at home and at work.

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