Still on my journey!

Well it does feel good to write again after a very long absence. As part of my strategic life plan (topic for another day),  I started my Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with the best business school in Africa, Gordon Institute of Business Science in January of this year. The last five months of my life have been the most hectic and all my time management skills were put to the test.

Sometimes we actually don’t know what we are capable of until we are under intense pressure. I considered quitting the program countless times. Surely I really don’t need to be called Dr and I am doing really well with just my MBA. The whole experience made me do some serious introspection and made me ask why I was doing this. I am still adding to my list of reasons why I should not and will not quit. I have already made it past some critical milestones of the program and each passing day takes me closer to my goal.  I am glad to say I am still on my DBA journey and I am also still on my blogging journey to the top. I have now transitioned to the demands of my new life.  My posts will therefore be back on a weekly basis and I am looking forward to sharing more on career development and continue together on the journey to the top.

Till next week, stay on the journey, your journey to the ‘top ‘


Published by Mum in Stilettos

I started blogging when i became a mother. I was struggling to manage the demands of being a working mom and being present for my baby's key development milestones. Initially this was a rant about my experiences in the office and at home. Over the years it has evolved into an online support community for mothers who are growing their families as they grow their careers. I am a wife and mum to 3 amazing children. During the day I am have a job i love as marketer for a multinational FMCG company. When i get home, I have another equally rewarding job called being a mother. When everyone is tucked in bed, I find time to blog about my journey as a mum in stilettos and build this community for us working moms so we can thrive at home and at work.

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