Put it into perspective

The Cambridge Dictionary defines putting something into perspective as comparing it to other things to allow for a proper or accurate judgement or assessment. I had an Aha Moment about this that i would like to share with you today.

The past two weeks have been extremely busy for me with a lot of travel. By the end of last week, I was really tired and looking forward to coming home to my family. Imagine my disappointment as I was checking in at the airport just after 10pm on Friday night, only to be told the flight had been delayed by two hours and instead of taking off at midnight, it would take off around 2am. I was annoyed, irritated and everything in between. I would have landed home around 5am and been home by 630am, early enough to get a few hours of rest and then spend time with my kids watching the royal wedding. I was still wondering what I would do for four hours at the airport when I saw the report about another school shooting in the US. All of a sudden my irritation with a delayed flight seemed out of place compared to the parents who were never going to see thier children again.

I will give another example. I remember one time I was looking at my computer so intently. Now I don’t even remember what the issue was on this particular day but the look on my face must have been so intense that a colleague who was passing by stopped and asked if everything was okay. Whatever my response was, it’s his response that just helped me snap out of it. “Its okay, it’s not like we are working on a cure for a terminal illness…its just cereal that we are selling

Its easy to complain about whatever it is that you might feel is not going accordingly to schedule. This week i would like to encourage you to put your situation into perspective. Is it really that bad? Take some time to appreciate and find joy in the mundane things. Let this week be about putting things into perspective.

Have a great week ahead mamas.

Published by Mum in Stilettos

I started blogging when i became a mother. I was struggling to manage the demands of being a working mom and being present for my baby's key development milestones. Initially this was a rant about my experiences in the office and at home. Over the years it has evolved into an online support community for mothers who are growing their families as they grow their careers. I am a wife and mum to 3 amazing children. The girl who introduced me the "mother" title is 8 years ol and our twins are five years, 6 months. During the day I am have a job i love as marketer for a multinational FMCG company. When i get home, I have another equally rewarding job called being a mother. When everyone is tucked in bed, I find time to blog about my journey as a mum in stilettos and build this community for us working moms so we can thrive at home and at work.

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