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Given the demands on our time as #bossbabes #mothers #sisters #friends, sometimes students and so many other roles that we have, the environment is demanding that most working mothers also have a side hustle. Over the next posts, I will be featuring some #muminstilettos who in addition to their 9-5 are also managing successful side hustles to find out why they decided to have side hustles and they are managing to do it all.

Today I will feature Tabeth Ruvarashe Manyonga. In addition to being a mum with a day job, she runs several entrepreneurial ventures, has several side-hustles, she is an author and is also a life coach. Below my interview with Ruva.

Tell us about yourself
My name is Tabeth Ruvarashe Manyonga (Mai Penda). I am an Entrepreneur, founder of Heavenly Aura Fragrances a company that specialises in the manufacture of oil based perfumes and cosmetics, co-Director of Unique Innovations a company that specialises in the manufacture of temperature retaining bags, TEMP-BAGs (cooker, warmer and cooler bags), bean bags and baby foldable bags, a member and Agricultural Extension Officer for LaSACCO (Ladies Savings and Credit Cooperative) an organization that focuses on empowering and funding for business women. I am an author and I published my first book Passage of Life last year. I am also a Life Coach, an Administrator for the Entrepreneurs Shop, which sells baby wear, groceries, kitchenware, cosmetics, gas accessories and appliances and i am very passionate about sales and marketing, can sell anything legal and right…

What made you decide to have a side hustle outside of your 9-5 job?

Being a single parent has been my biggest motivation since i have to give my sweet daughter the best life she deserves. It is also a good thing to have multi-income streams it makes life easier.

How do you allocate your time between your job, your many side hustles, being an author, a mother and all other roles in your life?

My day starts at 5am and ends at 10pm, though on the busiest days i wake up at midnight and get back to bed around 3am. I have a 15 minute home workout before i take a shower. Before i leave home i have a little time of bonding with my daughter. I get to the office at 8am and focus on my daily schedule. I leave work at 7pm and get home around 8pm, i have my supper then play with my daughter. She is pretty much of a late sleeper so we then rest together at 10pm. I work from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is church and family time. Once or twice a month i go out with my friends.

You are also a blogger? What made you decide to start blogging?

I am a very passionate writer so i decided to expand my scope of writings and the need of making more money through my writing whilst reaching a greater audience.

What do you blog about?

I am a storyteller so my blog is a series of real life, motivational and inspirational poetry and short stories and my blog can reached here

What can you tell other working mothers who would also like to start their side hustles?

There is a saying that goes, “JOB stands for Just Over Broke”, so its wise to have a side hustle. You can start from selling sweets or muffins at work. Just find something you will be selling. Create as many income streams as you can manage.

So there you have it from Ruva. One needs to have more than one stream of income so that you are not Just Over Broke 😂!

You can follow Ruvarashe on the blog below.


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