About me

I am a wife and mum of three, a girl aged six years and twins (boy and girl) who are four years old. I love my family to bits. I also love my country and above all I love God.

I am a marketer working for a multinational FMCG company. My role involves a lot of travel that often takes me away from family. I am definitely not complaining though. I love what I do and I am very ambitious.

I started blogging when our eldest child was born. I was really overwhelmed by all that I needed to do as a mum, a wife and an ambitious career woman. The blog was my way of sharing my experiences and  creating a platform for working mums to network, support each other and succeed together on the home front and in the office.

As a family we love to travel and we have explored the continent a bit. We especially love Indian Ocean coastal resorts. I also love great TV shows and some of my favorite are Suits and anything by Tyler Perry (so far he hasn’t done anything I don’t love). I am also a confessed shoe addict… and no I do not need help.

I love sharing my learning’s and insights with other young people. I am available to mentor and coach young professionals. To join my mentoring program, you can reach me  here.

This is basically me, devoted to my family and committed to my career.

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