How to make your Line Manager your biggest cheerleader…

Your Line Manager can be a strategic ally to help you meet your career goals. In this post I share how you can make your Line Manager your biggest cheerleader.

Still on my journey!

Well it does feel good to write again after a very long absence. As part of my strategic life plan (topic for another day),  I started my Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) with the best business school in Africa, Gordon Institute of Business Science in January of this year. The last five months of myContinue reading “Still on my journey!”

If I wasn’t afraid…

This statement was said a few weeks back during a training I attended. The full statement was “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid“. Let’s have an honest discussion on this statement as it pertains to our careers. I have had some weeks to think this through and here is a part of myContinue reading “If I wasn’t afraid…”

…of achievements and connections

We had a brief discussion with collegues a few days ago. The question that was asked was how do people in your organisation get promoted? Is it based on achievements or on connections?  Anyone keen on progressing their career needs to have an answer to this question. Have an honest analysis of the various people thatContinue reading “…of achievements and connections”

Picture Of Success

I am back after a short break. I had to deal with matters that needed my undivided attention. In my last blog I had promised to do a series on personal branding.  I will continue on that in the next few days. Today I would like to talking about success. The name of this blogContinue reading “Picture Of Success”

Deepening Versus Widening

Marketing is my passion. I have an Honours degree in marketing. It’s something I love to do. I have a lot of accolades to show for my marketing expertise. Before I realised it I had been in the same position in the same company  for seven years! This is a problem common with many women.Continue reading “Deepening Versus Widening”

Speak Out

I have seen many well qualified women being passed for promotions they deserved. The main reason being they are waiting for someone usually their boss to offer them the position. It is very important for women especially to manage their career development actively not passively. Speaking out and expressing our career goals is very important.Continue reading “Speak Out”